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Jean is a pediatric anesthesiologist & intensivist, with 30 years of clinical practice in Atlanta and Savannah. She is a funded and published researcher in the fields of clinical outcomes, predictive analytics and social innovation.  Always bringing a creative aspect to invention balanced with evidence based science, she focuses on large scale problems.  Experienced in Change Management, Building High Performing Teams, and working in Highly Matrixed Organization.  And she presents with a clear, captivating and compelling storytelling manner.




The Missing Millions with COPD

Using Advanced Analytics to Find patient with undiagnosed COPD.


Emory Goizueta School of Business Exec. MBA

Improving ways to screen people for Alzeihers

The next tsunami in chronic illness is Memory Care.


Wayne State School of Medicine, MD


University of Michigan, BS


MIT Sloan School of Business

Building, Leading and sustaining the Innovative Organization

Using technology to improve the access and quality of behavioral health care

The line to high quality mental health care is long, and expensive.  How can we shorten the process and the cost?


Harvard Business School

Disruptive Innovation with Clay Christensen


Bethany's Interests

Bethany is currently a graduate student in New York City, at the NYU Silver School of Social Work.

Her academic interests include social policy, at risk youth, access to mental health services, and the intersection of adolescents and the legal system.

Bethany and Jean wrote "A Survivor's Guide to Teen Mental Health"

Hudson's Interests

Hudson is interested in international relations, cybersecurity and multi-lingual environments.  He has recently drafted his first pilot reality TV show.

Metal Free Hydrogen Activation

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The Chemistry of Energy Conversion

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Behavioral Health, Social Work, Social Justice & Legal reform

Hudson Wright

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International relations, multilingual environment, cybersecurity

Emily Wright

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Graphic design and video prep, equestrian life.


Chao Wright

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